When entering Caffe Sandy, I knew immediately that this would be a drastically different experience than Caffe River. We needed a translator because the companies owner did not speak any english; it did not present much of a problem though. Our tour of the factory was very short in comparison to the tour we took of Caffe River. Much of the machinery was the same.

Here we see the machine used to roast the coffee beans and the machine that is used to mix multiple roasts for the various blends Caffe Sandy sells. The major difference I noticed was that Caffe Sandy puts a real emphasis on things being done by hand. They view coffee roasting as a real form of craftsmanship. The beans roast level are checked by hand and the coffee is bagged and sealed by hand as well.

After our short tour of the factory, we were taken into a small bar and served some wonderful drinks. We were offered a choice of espresso, cappuccino, or caffe creama. I decided to try the cappuccino and the caffe crema. The cappuccino was wonderful and expertly prepared (you couldn’t hear anything while the milk was being foamed). The caffe creama was essentially a coffee flavored ice cream and it was delicious.

Overall, I enjoyed our tour of Caffe Sandy more than the tour of Caffe River. This may have been because it was a more relaxed tour or because they offered ice cream at 9 am ;).


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